Program Overview

Empower Youth Latinx is a tailor-made internship program for high school and college students aspiring to work with children, offering a comprehensive learning experience encompassing camp planning, child development, teaching, Spanish instruction, and advocacy work. This unique opportunity provides hands-on practical experience in designing educational programs, fostering child growth, and effectively teaching Spanish to elementary-age students. Beyond skill acquisition, participants develop essential leadership, communication, and teamwork skills, creating a well-rounded foundation for their future endeavors in education or related fields. Empower Youth Latinx is not merely an internship but a transformative journey empowering Latinx youth to pursue their dreams while cultivating lasting connections and advocating for meaningful causes.

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Why we created Empower Youth Latinx

We envisioned and crafted this program with the explicit purpose of providing a nurturing community and unwavering support for Latinx students on their journey toward achieving their future aspirations. Our overarching vision is to empower Latinx youth, enabling them to fearlessly pursue their dreams while fostering enduring connections that serve as reliable pillars of support whenever they may be needed.

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