Learning Objectives

Language Acquisition

As interns, it is essential to effectively elicit language from campers

Play-Based Curriculum

Interns will be overseeing and leading play-based activities

Advocacy Training

A training led by Our Children Oregon, focusing on Youth and Family

Child Development

A training on "Words We Use: Positive Phrasing with Young Children" led by Amy Williams Academy

Career Guidance

We will have a Next Steps workshop with Kathi Kister, a former School Counselor


Through leadership, interns can significantly contribute to a memorable, enriching, and safe camp experience for every participant.

This internship is a collaborative initiative with Adventures in Spanish, renowned for its exceptional, award-winning programs.

Empower Youth Latinx offers a rich tapestry of learning and leadership opportunities to shape the next generation of educators, advocates, and leaders. As part of this immersive experience, interns will delve into the intricacies of language acquisition, harnessing innovative strategies to inspire and engage campers in linguistic exploration.

Embedded within the fabric of our program is a dynamic, play-based curriculum, where interns take the helm of captivating activities that blend education with entertainment. This approach enriches the campers' learning journey and hones the interns' skills in creating impactful, memorable learning experiences.

In partnership with Our Children Oregon, the program includes specialized advocacy training, sharpening interns' understanding and skills in championing the rights and well-being of youth and families. This, combined with a focused workshop on child development led by the esteemed Amy Williams Academy, provides interns with a deep dive into positive communication strategies that foster an encouraging environment for young learners.

Career guidance is another cornerstone of our internship, featuring a transformative "Next Steps" workshop with Kathi Kister, a former school counselor. This session illuminates pathways and possibilities, guiding interns toward fulfilling careers in education and beyond.

At the heart of our internship is the development of leadership skills. Interns are empowered to lead, influence, and contribute to a safe camp experience that is enriching and profoundly memorable for every participant. Through this multifaceted internship, we are committed to cultivating the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary for our interns to make a lasting impact in campers' lives and their future professional endeavors.

  • All interns must engage in at least two weeks (out of the four)* at our camp. This immersive experience will involve you in several key roles, including:
    • Help oversee and join in on camp-wide activities designed for campers across various age groups.
    • Attending preparatory training workshops before the commencement of camp sessions to ensure readiness and efficacy.
    • Collaborating with fellow Camp Leaders to guarantee camper safety, all while promoting optimal health and hygiene standards.
    • Fostering meaningful connections with campers through displays of compassion, empathy, and understanding.
    • Conduct roll calls at the start and conclusion of each activity to ensure all campers are accounted for.
    • Delivering constructive feedback to parents, highlighting the progress and achievements of their children.
    • Taking the initiative to create and spearhead at least one unique activity tailored for the campers, contributing to a memorable and enriching camp experience.

*Interns are welcome to participate in all four weeks of camp.

  • June 18th - July 7th: Training on child development, leadership, and camp curriculum
  • July 8th - July 19th: Week One and Two of NE camp (Full day commitment 8:30am-3:30pm)
  • July 22nd - August 2nd: Week One and Two of SW camp (Full day commitment 8:30am-3:30pm)
  • August 5th - August 9th: Training on advocacy work and Next Steps workshop
  • Native Spanish speaker, fluent in Spanish and English
  • Strong desire to work with children in the future, in any capacity
  • Two letters of recommendation (preferably professional: teachers, mentors, coaches, etc.)
  • Good work ethic, strong leadership skills, reliable, committed, willing to learn new things, excited/passionate about the work to come! Please read this description of what leadership expectations are for Empower Youth Latinx
  • Reliable transportation